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    We've created a one-stop shop for your goals. The SF5 app allows you to track your meals, create a personalized nutrition plan, log workouts, take simple guided workouts, track Truvy products, and so much more! Start today for FREE!

    5 Pillars of Success


    Get custom recommendations for your body and goals. Log your meals in an easy to use nutrition journal. Learn key nutrition basics, and find healthy recipes.


    Check out our workout library of over 300 exercises providing simple guided workouts for all ability levels.


    Never miss a serving. Log your daily Truvy supplements and easily order products again!


    Easily track hydration to feel and function your best. By adequately hydrating yourself, you can curb hunger urges.


    People are more successful when they have a supportive community by their side. Our community will provide you all the encouragement, tips, and motivation you need to thrive.

    SF5 App Features

    Whether you're just starting or have been at it for a while, we've created a free and accessible app that teaches you how to supplement your success!

    Personalized nutrition insights and recommendations based on your daily nutrition habits.

    Full access to a continuously expanding fitness library, developed by our onsite fitness trainers/wellness experts.

    Track your measurements, fitness trends, and progress photos. Having this data informs the way you make and achieve your goals.

    An easy-to-use nutrition journal that allows easy calorie/macro tracking and educational tips helping you to take control of your nutrition by creating a personalized meal plan.

    Track Truvy product intake along with easy to set reminders making sure you never miss a serving!

    Download the SF5 App Today for FREE!

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    Before & Afters

    The SF5 app has become a huge success within our community, helping individuals achieve remarkable transformations. Users have shared inspiring before and after stories, showcasing their incredible progress and the positive impact the app has had on their wellness journeys. From shedding unwanted pounds to creating a greater overall whole health approach, the SF5 app has proven to be an effective tool for achieving personal health and wellness goals. Join our community and witness the amazing transformations that can be achieved with the SF5 app!

    Time and time again, studies have shown that tracking one's dietary and fitness habits create a long-term habit that can promote long-term weight loss success.

    "Love the different levels of workouts for those of us who don't live at the gym. The nutrition stuff is really great as well. Lots of good information for making better food choices and it's easy to track my calorie intake."

    "I'm so excited that I can get rid of the other apps that I pay to use. I absolutely love this app! I can track my workouts, food, steps, water intake, and so much more!"

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