Why Hydration and Weight Loss Go Hand in Hand [What You Need to Know]

    Published: July 28, 2023

    Our bodies constantly use water on a cellular level to operate properly. Water performs many functions, including protecting organs, regulating body temperature, flushing out waste and toxins, and so much more. Think about it: the human body is about 60% water, so of course, we need to make sure we drink enough water daily to keep it healthy.

    Beyond staying hydrated to stay healthy, those aspiring to lose weight need to make an extra effort to stay hydrated at all times, or it could hinder their weight loss journey. Here we will explore hydration and weight loss and give you some helpful tips so you can achieve your weight goals.

    How to Know If You Are Dehydrated

    Dehydration is very common and many people do not realize they are dehydrated. Dehydration occurs anytime someone loses more water through their sweat, tears, breath, saliva, and bowel movements than they are taking in through food or drink throughout the day. 

    Some common signs of dehydration are:

    • Extreme thirst
    • Fatigue
    • Dizziness
    • Less frequent urination
    • Dark colored urine
    • Tiredness
    • Headaches 

    While most of the time dehydration is easily fixed by drinking more fluids, in very serious dehydration situations it can lead to:

    • Seizures
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Dry or shriveled skin
    • Confusion
    • Rapid heartbeat or breathing

    If any of these more serious symptoms occur, you should seek medical attention immediately.

    Dehydration and Weight Loss

    Water plays a major role in helping you lose weight because when you are dehydrated your body systems slow down. Water keeps your hormones functioning properly, and water is needed to produce the hormones that have a direct effect on weight loss or gain. 

    Water also flushes toxins and chemicals out of the body before they can accumulate. If you aren’t drinking enough water, your body will hold onto these harmful substances, and it could lead to illnesses and subsequent weight gain.

    Studies have found that people who drink more water are more likely to have a smaller body mass index. By drinking enough water every day you are more likely to keep your body healthy and be able to meet your weight loss goals.

    How Much Water Should You Drink?

    If you’re wondering how to stay hydrated, the amount of water every individual needs to drink varies based on:

    • Age: A child needs more water according to their weight than an adult. Elderly people also need to drink more water than the average adult.
    • Gender: Men need to drink more water than women.
    • Climate: Hot or humid areas will cause people to sweat more than they would in cooler climates.
    • Activity level: Exercise causes sweating and increased breathing rates leading to a significant loss of internal water.
    • If you are pregnant: Pregnant people need more water than normal because water is essential for the development of a fetus and the surrounding amniotic fluid.
    • If you’re breastfeeding: Breastfeeding women produce breastmilk with high levels of water.
    • If you are sick: When you are sick, you lose fluids through vomiting or diarrhea. If you have a fever, you can also lose water through sweating.
    • If you are consuming caffeine or alcohol: Caffeine and alcohol can increase dehydration in your body.

    Although all these factors have an impact, men generally need to take in about 15.5 cups of fluid a day, and women need about 11.5. Remember that this amount does include water taken in by eating food. Many foods have high water content, like fruits, vegetables, or even soups, so eat more of these if you struggle to drink enough water daily.

    Use Hydration Supplements for an Extra Boost

    While drinking water is a great option to keep yourself hydrated, some other drinks and supplements can help you. At Truvy, we know the importance of hydration when you are trying to maintain or lose weight, so we created hydration products to give you that extra boost.

    Our Heart & Hydration™ (H&H™ and H&H+™) products have been specially formulated to help increase your hydration and give you some extra electrolytes throughout the day. With no sugar, only a few calories, and delicious flavors, you can make sure you meet the recommended amounts of fluid intake every single day and come closer to reaching your weight goals.