Meal Prepping for Beginners: How to Get Started for Healthier Choices

    Published: July 13, 2023

    In any weight loss journey, what you eat enormously impacts your weight, energy levels, and how efficiently your internal body systems work. If you’ve ever struggled with improving your eating habits, meal prep is the answer you’ve been looking for. 

    Don’t be scared if you’re a beginner—meal prepping is easy! Simply prepare your meals for the entire week in one day. Eat what you’ve prepped throughout the week, and don’t worry about making healthy meals every day. 

    It may seem like a lot of work at first, but we’re here to help you understand the benefits, learn how to meal prep, and give you some ideas to get started.

    5 Benefits of Meal Prep

    There are many benefits to meal prepping. Here are some of our favorites.

    1. It will help you lose weight: You can plan healthy meals, track your exact calorie intake, and avoid the temptation of unhealthy options like eating out or having extra snacks.
    2. It will help you establish healthy habits: You can make sure you are getting the appropriate amounts of fruit, vegetables, protein, fats, and carbs every meal.
    3. It will save you money: Planning ahead ensures you only purchase what you need and cut back on restaurant spending.
    4. It will save you time: With premade meals, you free up significant time in your week when you normally have to prepare food.
    5. It will take the stress out of your week: If coming up with meal ideas and cooking every day isn’t appealing, this is the perfect solution. Do all your prep on one day, and then you can relax and simply reheat for the others.

    How to Start Meal Prepping

    First things first, you need to make sure you give your body the nutrients it needs. Any meal you prepare beforehand needs healthy ingredients like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and low-fat milk to keep you feeling full and energized. Using protein and fiber in your meals will make you feel full throughout your day

    Avoid meals with high amounts of sodium, sugar, saturated or trans fats, and cholesterol.

    There are four easy steps to follow as you begin meal planning.

    1. Plan out a daily menu for your week: Thoughtfully choose recipes that are not too complicated and list the ingredients needed.
    2. Shop for ingredients: While shopping, avoid temptation by sticking to your list and avoiding aisles with unhealthy snacks you are trying to cut out.
    3. Prepare your meals: Cook, bake, chop, or slice whatever you need to. Get creative with your flavors.
    4. Store your meals: Pouches or glass and plastic containers work perfectly. Freeze meals to keep them fresh longer, or set meals in the fridge when you plan on eating them in the next few days.

    5 Tips and Tricks to Help Get You Started

    We know this is a challenging transition, and we want to help! Try these five tips:

    1. It’s easier with support: Find fellow meal preppers who can inspire and give you new ideas.
    2. Start small: Try prepping two meals at a time and increase the amount when you feel ready.
    3. Use ingredients twice: For example, including grilled chicken in two recipes that you make during the week instead of one will reduce cooking time.
    4. Keep things interesting: Try different sauces and seasonings each day.
    5. Use what you have: Plan recipes around what you already have in your fridge and cupboard.

    A Day in the Life of a Meal Prepper

    We know coming up with ideas seems daunting at first, but don’t despair! Find online meal prep groups, search for recipes, and find foods you will enjoy preparing. Here’s what an average day might look like.


    Dig into breakfast with our Truvy protein shakes. Then try overnight oats, sausage and egg breakfast bowls, or low-calorie waffles.

    Morning Snack

    Have a healthy snack like sweet potato fries or dark chocolate to satisfy your appetite.


    Keep your energy up with amazing lunches like honey sesame chicken bowls, roasted vegetables with couscous, or mason jar noodles


    For dinner, try Korean beef and rice, pesto chicken pasta, or cajun sausage and vegetables.

    There are thousands more ideas available online. Find what meals stand out to you and plan a fantastic week of food.

    Truvy Products Will Help with Your Journey

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    Our daily capsules are easy to take and will give you the extra boost of nutrients your body needs. Drink mixes will increase your hydration without needing to change your lifestyle. 

    Start meal prepping and incorporating Truvy products into your weekly life, and you will see a drastic difference as you meet your goals. Shop our Truvy products today and allow us to help you along your weight loss journey.