Is It Best to Detox with Supplements?

    How does a detox work? Find out how detox supplements can support your body’s natural systems in removing toxins for better health.

    Published: February 13, 2024

    Using Detox Supplements to Cleanse Your Body

    If health and wellness is your goal, you’ve probably considered doing a detox. Detoxes have been exploding in popularity, especially among people who are trying to lose weight and get into shape. 

    But how do detoxes work to support your body? How can you detox your body naturally, and what are some detox supplements you can use? Before you commit to doing a detox, find out everything you can so you can make sure it’s right for you and so you can pick the best detox supplements to help you reach your health goals.

    To help you figure it out, here are the answers to some of your most pressing questions about detoxing.

    What Is a Detox?

    First things first—what does it mean when someone does a detox? “Detox” is short for “detoxification.” The idea is that you are taking steps to help your body release toxins, which include anything bad for you, such as: 

    • Additives from processed foods
    • Synthetic chemicals
    • Heavy metals
    • Pollutants 

    Some people do a natural detox for weight loss to jumpstart their goals of eating a cleaner diet of whole, unprocessed foods. Others may use detox supplements if they feel something is off with their bodies or if they want to promote overall health and wellness.

    How Do You Detox?

    The goal is removing toxins, but how exactly is a detox done? Detoxing usually involves taking supplements, using specialty products, or temporarily following a strict diet. There are many approaches out there, including:

    • Fasting
    • Juicing
    • Drinking teas
    • Eliminating certain foods
    • Taking dietary supplements
    • Enemas or laxatives to cleanse the colon
    • Sitting in a sauna

    Some of these methods, like juicing and fasting, are temporary fixes—it’s definitely not healthy to try to live off of celery juice for more than a day or two—while others can be incorporated into daily life to help your body remove toxins regularly. These include taking detox supplements, avoiding processed foods or types of food that make you feel sick, or relaxing in the sauna once a week.

    How Do Detoxes Help My Body?

    The human body has a natural detoxification system, independent of our efforts to do a dietary detox. The body removes toxins and harmful substances through the kidneys, liver, skin, digestive system, and lungs. When these organs are healthy and functioning well, you can trust your body to know how to detox itself naturally. 

    Any detox diet, program, or supplements you decide to use can help your body’s natural efforts by optimizing these systems and supporting healthy organs. For example, look for detox supplements that support healthy digestion and kidney, liver, and colon function. 

    You can also take lifestyle steps that will naturally help detox your body, such as:

    • Getting enough sleep
    • Avoiding or reducing alcohol intake
    • Staying hydrated
    • Avoiding added sugars
    • Avoiding processed foods 

    Try reNU® Detox Supplements

    Any steps you take to support your body’s natural detoxification systems will promote overall wellness and help remove substances that can harm your body. reNU® by Truvy® is a detoxing supplement designed to help support your body as it cleanses the toxins we encounter every day.* 

    Specifically, reNU® supports normal bowel and liver functions, which are necessary for removing toxins and waste from your body.* reNU® can be part of an overall wellness habit that supports your general health. reNU® capsules are taken once a day, making detox an ongoing part of your health routine instead of a one-time extreme diet. 

    Support Your Body with a Detox

    Support your body’s functions with a natural detox for weight loss or general health and fitness. reNU® is a great option that can leave you feeling great, mentally and physically, as you support your body’s natural detoxing systems.* Before trying reNU® or any detox methods or programs, it’s best to consult your doctor when making any changes to your diet.

    If you’re ready to detox, try Truvy’s ReNU.