Everything you need to know about truFIX® , Tru™, Tru+™ & Trim™ 

    In this blog we’ll be breaking down our four most popular weight loss and blood chemistry support products so that you can make the best decision for YOUR body.*

    Published: November 14, 2023

    If you’ve been searching for a breakdown of some of our most popular products, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog we’ll be breaking down our four most popular weight loss and blood chemistry support products so that you can make the best decision for YOUR body.* It’s all about finding what works best for you and creating a successful supplement plan that is designed for your goals. Get ready to discover the key ingredients, benefits, and science behind each of these incredible supplements. Let's jump right in!

    Let’s start with the ultimate OG truFIX® 

    What is truFIX®?

    truFIX® is a game-changer when it comes to maintaining optimal blood chemistry, an essential component of weight loss and a healthy body!* With ingredients including Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), magnesium, chromium, raspberry ketones and cinnamon. truFIX® supports all systems of the body and makes maintaining your general health easier than ever!*

    • Optimize Blood Chemistry*: Our specially crafted product is all about supporting and optimizing your blood chemistry.* Packed with essential plant-based ingredients, truFIX® nourishes your body and supports every system from head to toe.* It helps maintain blood sugar and cholesterol within normal ranges, supports overall health, and makes maintaining your general well-being a breeze!*
    • Control Cravings*: We all know how challenging it can be to resist those tempting cravings. That's where truFIX® comes in! It includes ingredients that help control cravings, making it easier for you to stick to a balanced diet and make healthier choices. Say goodbye to those unhealthy snacks and hello to a healthier and more satisfying way of eating.
    • Decaffeinated Green Coffee Bean Extract: We've included this magical ingredient in truFIX® to help your body effectively utilize unwanted fat stores for energy. It retrains your body to target white adipose tissue (the not-so-desirable type of fat) and helps you on your journey to a slimmer you.

    Next up we’ve got the famous Tru™ capsules

    Tru™ takes the renowned truFIX® formula and kicks it up a notch with 100% more Green Coffee Bean Extract and a carefully crafted blend of ingredients. Designed to support blood chemistry and promote optimal health, Tru™ is a must-have supplement.*

    What do we love so much about Tru™? 

    • Easy to Swallow Capsule: Tru™ comes in an easy-to swallow capsule form, making it convenient and hassle free to incorporate into your daily routine. 
    • Scientific Formula: Tru™ is crafted based on scientific research by our in-house experts. Formulated with precision to deliver maximum benefits, each ingredient is carefully selected to work synergistically and support your blood chemistry.* 
    • Supports Blood Chemistry*: Tru™ is specifically designed to support all systems of your body by promoting healthy blood chemistry.* It helps maintain the balance necessary for overall well-being and optimal health.* 
    • Top Quality Ingredients: Tru™ is made with top-quality, ingredients that are known for their beneficial properties. The combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Raspberry Ketones, Cinnamon Bark Extract, and Green Coffee Bean Extract creates a powerful blend to support your health goals.

    Can’t forget about Tru+ enhanced with Dual Appetite Control (DAC for short)

    We’ve added two new and well-studied ingredients to our Tru+™ formula. The first ingredient is a special potato extract with concentrated amounts of proteinase inhibitors. One of the main benefits of this extract is the satiety effect (or feelings of fullness) these proteinase inhibitors provide. Overeating is the main contributor when it comes to weight gain, and is also one of the hardest habits to break when first starting out. To help you combat cravings, we’ve added potato extract to hush hunger cues and stop you from your mid-day or late night fast food run!

    The second ingredient is hydrolyzed Brewer’s yeast extract. While it also targets satiety, it works differently from the potato extract. We found that Brewer’s yeast extract contains specially cut protein pieces called peptides, which bind to receptors in your gut and send a signal to your brain that you are full and satisfied, which helps you avoid eating more than you need to. Now that Tru+™ comes with the dual-power of two forms of appetite control, you’ll be well on your way to your goal physique.

    The best part? Tru+™ is designed to avoid tolerance build-up, so you’re looking at a product that’ll help you for the long haul. 

    Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about Trim™

    Trim™ capsules are designed to take alongside one of our blood chemistry support capsules from above.*  (TruFIX®, Tru™, or TRU+™) the choice is up to you! 

    Are you ready to take control of your energy levels and achieve your weight loss goals? Look no further than Trim™, our innovative product designed to revolutionize the way you approach health & fitness. Powered by our coveted S³ Technology®, Trim™ provides a cutting-edge solution to help you shed those extra pounds while boosting your energy levels. With Trim™, you’ll experience a dynamic blend of science backed ingredients meticulously formulated to enhance fat burning, suppress appetite, and boost metabolism. Our S³ Technology® ensures that our ingredients work synergistically to optimize your body’s natural fat-burning mechanisms, maximizing results like never before.


    • Supports Metabolism and Weight Loss*: Trim™ is formulated to boost your metabolism, helping you burn calories more efficiently and accelerate your weight loss progress.* Combined with a healthy diet and exercise program such as SF5, you’ll be well on your way in no time. 
    • Long-Lasting and Consistent Energy: Say goodbye to energy crashes and fatigue. Our weight loss supplements provide a steady release of energy, keeping you energized and focused for longer periods.* No more afternoon slumps or struggling to stay on track with your diet and exercise routine.
    • Focus and Mental Clarity: Experience improved mental clarity and focus with Trim™. Trim™ supports brain function, helping you stay sharp and attentive so you feel like getting up, and getting moving.* 
    • Boost Natural Energy: Enjoy a natural energy boost without the jitters or crashes often associated with other supplements. Trim™ provides a clean source of energy, allowing you to tackle your day with enthusiasm and vitality.*

    The most important part we want you to take away when it comes to this amazing product is that it’s enhanced with S³ technology®. But what the heck is S³ Technology® well we’re dang glad you asked. Trim™ is supercharged with S³ Technology® to aid in stable, all-day energy. Dr. Tory Parker crafted our proprietary energy blend, S³ Technology®, to help keep you alert, energized, and performing at a consistent level all day long.* 

    So, what does S³ mean? Spark is your typical quick-release caffeine. You feel it right away but tends to wear off after a few hours. Strength is that second wave. We discovered a new technology of coated caffeine that delays its release into your bloodstream and kicks in just when the spark starts to wear off. Stamina is another new technology that releases little bits of caffeine into your bloodstream very slowly throughout the day. 

    Let’s wrap it up 

    There you have it - a comprehensive guide to TruFIX®, Tru™, TRU+™, and Trim™. Each of these products is designed to support your weight loss journey and optimize your overall health.* Remember, finding what works best for your body is key, so choose the supplement that aligns with your goals and take that first step towards a healthier, happier you!