truSTORY: Christy Sherwood

Christy Sherwood

I set out with a goal to see what I could accomplish in a year. The weight started to come off one pound at a time, sometimes less.

For years, and years, 23 to be exact, I struggled with my weight. To say, “struggle with my weight” is just the nice way of saying it.

My weight was impacted by my health and my health was impacted by my weight. For years I knew I needed to lose weight. I tried, and tried and tried some more to ‘do it on my own.’ The results were always the same, little to no progress.

Three years ago I couldn’t fit into my jeans, they were too small. Three years ago I needed something to wear to a family wedding, none of my dresses fit, they were too small. I searched for a dress that I thought I’d look OK in but was left feeling less than proud of my appearance. Despite trying to lose weight through the first half of 2015, the reality hit me like a brick. I was back up to the weight I was at 9 months pregnant, but my baby was about to go into grade 12.

I felt so defeated. I felt void of hope, but something in me was always wishing there was something that could help me get to a healthy size. It seemed like a far-off dream though. I was introduced to a supplement product that was helping tons of people with their weight loss struggles. My heart really wanted to try these products, but my mindset kept planting seeds of doubt. I was the proverbial skeptic.

I was given some information about these supplements and saw a video that really helped things click in my head and suddenly I understood why supporting my blood chemistry was the foundation of these supplements and how supporting balanced blood chemistry is important to every human, not just those with weight issues. I had come to the realization that my body needed nutritional support to help me. I realized that it’s OK to need help. That ‘thing’ that I had secretly hoped and wished for years was about to happen, I found that missing puzzle piece to get my system working with me.

And with that, I made a decision, the decision to get started with TruVision Health, instead of continuing to sit back and wait and watch others. I realized I would never know what I could accomplish if I didn’t move forward. I wasn’t looking for a “magic overnight quick fix”. I was more than willing to do the work. Eat healthily, keep active to my ability, live an active healthy lifestyle while managing my day to day life. Those were my goals.

I set out with a goal to see what I could accomplish in a year. The weight started to come off one pound at a time, sometimes less. Doing this with support from my supplements and a healthy lifestyle has made what once seemed impossible and make it possible for ‘someone like me’ to FINALLY lose weight and end my 23-year struggle with weight.

There were ups and downs and plateaus aplenty. I didn’t move fast, but I didn’t stop either. I had committed to not quitting. I was learning to trust the process. And now at the end of year three, I’ve been able to keep the weight off.

The supplements were a TOOL that my system needed, but I still had to do the work and use that tool properly. I continue to learn about healthy eating and yes, I exercise. My husband Larry and I support one another and both participate in the 10kpledge. Not only has simply walking helped us both become more active daily, but we are also earning free products (and shoes!) just for walking; 32 months and counting.

Incorporating health products into our household has introduced us to so much more than a weight loss supplement: skin care, essential oils, spices, everyday vitamins, MSM, H&H (taking my water to next level Hydration), even a non-toxic all-purpose cleaner.

I started off just wanting to lose weight and have ended up on an adventure of a lifetime! I have gained so much; regained quality of life, personal growth, friendship and support, an opportunity to share my story and help others, an opportunity to help my family, an opportunity to build and save for future, and show others how to do the same. To be a part of something so epic is truly a blessing.

For the first time in my adult life, I’m maintaining a healthy weight. I have Hope. I have Dreams. I am Living my life, not just a passenger struggling to survive each day. What you see here is not just someone who has lost weight … This IS what changing your life looks like.

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