Why Choose Truvy™?

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Truvy bannerHere at Truvy™, we focus on quality products rather than hype. Through rigorous testing, our products have shown to support people in their path to a healthy lifestyle. Time and time again people reach out to the corporate office to let us know that they wish they had started this journey earlier because of the impact it had on their lives. The Truvy™ journey is not a diet plan, it’s a lifestyle change. It may not be easy but if you stay committed you can find physical, mental and financial success.

Why Choose Truvy™?

Our Products

Here at Truvy™ we pride ourselves on being weight loss experts and knowing what products work. That’s why our classic combo of  truFIX® and truCONTROL® has helped millions of people lose weight and feel their best! Remember we’re always here to help as your friendly weight loss sidekick. On top of our core products many others were produced such as HEART & HYDRATION™ and our new HEART & HYDRATION+ our delicious sugar-free drink that not only hydrates your body but also helps you maintain a healthy heart.*

reNU® is designed to support the detoxification of the body, all while helping maintain a healthy digestive tract.* Finally, rePLACE™ vegan protein shakes are dairy, soy, and whey free and contain zero trans fat. Made with only naturally sourced and vegan ingredients as well as probiotic powers to balance and support a healthy gut.* These products were released to further support a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of people’s lives.

Our Tools for Success

The Back Office is a great tool for those who are looking to make a living with Truvy™. Full of product sheets, videos, payment plans and more, we make it all accessible for everyone! Each department here at Corporate takes pride in knowing the quality service we provide our customers. From Customer Service to Marketing and everyone in between we want to make this the most positive experience we can for you. The commission plan is set up in a functional way that our customers can understand well. We have also created accessible videos created for you to understand how to make this business part of your life.

TruVision Health Focus

Our Premier Programs and Events

So many programs were created to help you along your health and wellness journey. From physical programs such as our 10K pledge™ to business-building seminars like truSUMMIT™, we have a wide range of opportunities just for your goals. The 10K Pledge was designed as a way to encourage people to change their lives through healthy and active living. We wanted to incentivize people to stay motivated and receive the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

truSUMMIT™ is an opportunity to gather Associates together for an annual event that focus’ on Associate training, business tips, and the up and coming future of Truvy™. Other programs such as Focus was created for those who hit 3 stars and above to be rewarded with an all expenses paid trip to Zions National Park in Southern Utah. This is the perfect trip to recenter and ground oneself with some hiking and yoga classes. Anyone is invited to attend and hike Angels Landing as well as The Narrows. Those who have attended have enjoyed being able to achieve something they never thought they would be able to and experience a spectacular view.

TruVision Health truTRANSFORMATION

Lastly, our truTRANSFORMATION is a quarterly challenge where Associates can get additional support from our health and fitness coaches. It’s also a great program to experience support from a community of individuals all working towards a similar goal. truTRANSFORMATION™ winners get amazing prizes and one grand winner receives a makeover and shopping spree at our truSUMMIT™ event! Both programs have shown to be an amazing community of people who encourage each other, ask and answer questions, and reach their health and financial goals together.

TruVision Health

We at Truvy™ are excited about what the future holds and can’t wait to invite you to join us. We have created a community of individuals who want to make a change in their own lives as well as in others. A strong bond has been created between Associates and Corporate that everyone feels like family. It’s the perfect place to grow and share in your journey. We’ll be happy to assist you with any questions you may have and we hope to welcome you to the Truvy™ family


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.