Truvy Featured in Forbes! 🎉

This just in: Truvy continues to shine when it comes to our expertise in business practices! We’re delighted to announce that Truvy has been approached by Forbes to be featured in an article highlighting successful business partnerships.

In this Forbes strategy article, ideal B2B (business to business) and individual partnerships are described as being “mutually beneficial for everyone involved” and involving little guess-work or micromanaging. On this topic, Truvy owner Derrick Raynes is quoted as saying: 

“Micromanaging destroys that sense of autonomy that your partners need to deliver their best results. If you’re outsourcing a task to an ‘expert,’ you need to treat them like an expert by letting them do their work the way that they know is best. It doesn’t matter what the scale of the partnership is — let them do their job so you can do yours. Trust partners to hold themselves accountable and deliver their best effort.”

Truvy in Forbes is a landmark achievement, and makes us all the more committed to our stellar business practices. When it comes to the opportunity to become a Truvy field associate, we believe in equipping your business with everything it needs to thrive: knowledge, trust, and products that really aren’t based on quick gimmicks. What Truvy has created is a series of long-haul products with proven testimonials, so it’s only natural that the businesses created by our associates are well-supported!

What sets us apart as a business opportunity, you ask? 

  • We offer affordable samples and trial kits of our products so you and potential clients can see for yourself the life-changing effects of Truvy products
  • Receive commission payouts and bonuses
  • Connection to a well-educated, passionate community of like-minded associates!

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