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Instagram Reels Competition Rules & FAQs

Are you a Truvy Superfan? Join our Reels Competition! 

Time to celebrate the ones who make Truvy great– here’s looking at you, Superfans! As your friendly weight loss sidekick, we want to make sure that you feel seen, heard, and celebrated. For that reason, we’ve set up an exciting initiative: a competition using Instagram Reels! Over the next year, Truvy will be hosting a jubilee of Superfan content to celebrate the products and community we all love.

Truvy Reels Competition FAQs 

What is it? 

Truvy’s reel competition is a friendly competition to create the best fun and engaging Instagram Reel videos. It’s a chance to see the many faces of the TruFam, engage with one another, and for a chance to be featured on Truvy’s corporate Instagram account.


Who is it for? 

All Truvy Superfans!


How does it work? 

Each Truvy Superfan that has created the most creative reel will be featured on @trytruvy corporate Instagram page each month. The reels that have been featured will be entered to win fifty (that’s right!) 7-day experience kits for the reel of the month. The more you create, the better your chance of getting entered to win the grand prize of fifty 7-day experience kits PLUS $1000.00USD cash! The grand prize winner will be announced at SUMMIT 2023.


Why participate? 

Reels on Instagram is the new jam and we want to see how creative you can make them. We know how it goes when we choose to do something that’s scary or out of our comfort zone. However, that’s where growth happens. We want to encourage you to take on this challenge of creating Instagram reels, to help showcase your personality and help you grow your online business. Plus, we know how much you love Truvy, so why not share that in a fun and creative way?


How long is the competition? 

This competition will run from July 2022 – July 2023.


What are the prizes? 

Each month Truvy Superfans with the most creative reels will be entered to win FIFTY 7-day experience kits for the reel of the month. The more you share, the better your chance at being entered to win the grand prize of  fifty more 7-day experience kits PLUS $1,000 cash! The winner will be announced at SUMMIT 2023. 


How do I create a reel?

What a great question! Check out the video we created just for you.

How do I collaborate on a reel?

Super quick and easy! Check it out here.

What should I say?

Anything that shows off your love of Truvy! While we want you to be creative or pick up on the latest TikTok trend (if that’s your thing 😋) we mainly just want to see you in your element.  Here are a few ideas:


  • Why you love Truvy
  • Any video showcasing how you use product (a how-to, if you will!)
  • Inspiring TruStories – your before and afters 
  • Truvy on the Go: where do you take your Truvy?
  • Funny skits, family-involved Truvy love

How are Reel Winners Picked?

In order to give everyone the fairest shot at winning 50 7-day experience kit, we have identified the following judging criteria. Qualification categories include:

  1. Creativity
  2. Originality
  3. Impact/Engagement (number of views, likes, comments, shares, and saves)
  4. InformativeEach week, 1-2 of the top contending reels will be accepted to collaborate with Truvy! By the end of the month, 4-8 reels will be in consideration pool and featured on our social media. If there is a close tie, we will consider how many accounts your reel reached. The winner will be announced every 1st of each month via email and FB/Instagram! For Instagram, we will “collaborate” on winning reels when announcing the winner of the month. We’ll make sure that you (and the rest of the #TruFam) get to see your awesome, winning work! 🙂


  1. You must have an Instagram account. If you’d like help setting one up, follow the link here.
  2. You must create a reel video and post it on your Instagram account. Not a photo.
  3. Videos must showcase Truvy products or if business opportunity is mentioned, Truvy must be mentioned in the video.
  4. Due to copyright issues, Instagram may remove music from your videos. With that in mind, we encourage you to use any trending audio, original audio (aka your own voice) or any voice over you like.
  5. You must invite @trytruvy to be a collaborator on your reels video. We love being tagged in your reels, but Truvy must be added as a collaborator for us to accept and have the video live on our feed.
  6. Have fun and be yourself! We want to see your personality shine through.

Good luck, Superfans! We’re so excited to see and hear from you. Happy Reel-ing! 😉

Reel Competition Rules Updated as of: July 27, 2022