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We feel like it’s been a while since we’ve introduced ourselves. Whether you’re a new Truvy® fan or an OG we’re stoked to have you with us. We decided to interview our founder, Dave Brown to remind us all how Truvy started, and how it got to where we are now. 

An Anomaly In The Industry

Let’s start at the beginning.

Most companies in the network-marketing space are built with the principal motivation of making money for the founders. I started Truvy with two principal motivations:

Firstly, I started with the motivation to provide products that would make a difference in people’s health.

Most network marketing companies begin with a group of people who want to capitalize on the network model. They usually look for some ingredient that has an exotic story attached to it; something that can be glamorized to give the product the appearance of great value. Many times these people will have their financial plan in place before they even have a product. The plan to make money came before the product.

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In the summer of 2013, I developed the next generation of blood chemistry/weight management products. It was in the fall of 2013 when I made the decision to start Truvy. The products came before the financial plan.

Secondly, I decided to utilize the network-marketing model to make a difference in people’s financial lives.

Network marketing is a wonderful and simple concept:

A person discovers a product they like. They try the product and then share it with others. As those people share the product, the original-product consumer, who began the sharing process, receives an override.

Many people simply don’t have the resources, connections, or just-plain luck which would allow them to get ahead financially. They can feel stuck in their financial situation. Network marketing is wonderful because it can give those people an opportunity to far exceed their financial expectations.

Rich or poor, highly educated or poorly educated, lucky or unlucky, network marketing gives financial opportunities to people who otherwise would have no hope of achieving financial stability or freedom. Truvy’s income opportunity is further enhanced, for it is based on products that work. Products that are priced well—products that offer true value.

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In short, Truvy was started to improve people’s quality of life. This company is about service. It’s about finding people who may have given up on having good health, being able to pay their bills each month, purchase a home, or provide a future for their children and then offering that hope back to them.

Truvy was founded to be in business for generations.

We operate it on sound financial understanding and experience. We understand what is required for our people to achieve optimal health through products that work. Our approach to health is well rounded and focused on products, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and hydration. Focused on full-body health.

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Most of all, Truvy is guided by integrity. We have proven that fact with the quality and pricing of our products. We have proven that fact through improvements to our compensation plan by giving the greatest rewards to Associates who are engaged and loyal. And finally, we have proven our integrity by continually raising the bar of exceptional corporate and field leadership.

We are Truvy, and I invite everyone to come to see and feel the difference that is Truvy!

-Dave Brown

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