truSUMMIT 2022 Recap 

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truSUMMIT Atlanta

First of all, can we just say WOW?! You all showed up this last weekend at truSUMMIT 2022 and we couldn’t be more amazed by your dedication to growing your business and sharing our excitement with the up-and-coming future of Truvy! We just can’t help but to thank all of those who made it possible. From our Associates to our Corporate staff, we sincerely couldn’t do any of this without you. We always love getting to see everyone each year and acknowledge your accomplishments. This year’s event was one of our biggest yet! So, let’s recap shall we? (Check out our recap video here:

truSUMMIT 2022 Recap 

This year’s truSUMMIT event was held in Atlanta, Georgia and it was everything we could have dreamed of and more! We had amazing speakers, a yoga session with Coach Keva, Associate advancements, and samples of some exciting new products for everyone to try. 

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We want to give a special shout-out to our breakout session speakers, who prepared wonderful and inspiring presentations for everyone. During our break-out sessions, we got to hear from Rick Hagar, Rachel Wheeler, Ali France, Randy Christopher, Amy Robinson, Kaylee Siber, Tonya Williams, Mary Lyles, Carlos Vidal, and Dr. Tory Parker. Talk about an all-star line-up!

truSUMMIT coach keva

Coach Keva 

On the last morning of truSUMMIT, everyone had the opportunity to attend a slow-flow Vinyasa yoga class with Coach Keva. Keva is constantly paving the way to inspire our Associates to move their bodies, find the positive in their lives, and remind them of how truly amazing each and every one of them is. In this slow flow Vinyasa yoga class, participants got to connect their mind, body, and breath followed by a guided meditation complete with positive affirmations. 

Keva’s positive affirmations, so you don’t forget ‘em: 

  • I am strong and I am healthy
  • I am thankful for the movement my body gives me.
  • I have the power to create change
  • I can do challenging things
  • I am capable
  • I possess the qualities needed to be successful
  • My business is thriving
  • I am enough

 Isn’t she just the best? 🥺

Tru and Vy capsules

New Products

Did someone say new products?! Yes, yes we did. We launched some new products and are beyond excited for everyone to try them out. First up is Letric™. Letric™ is a cream and capsule duo that displaces that pesky exercise-related muscle discomfort: the capsule works inside your body; while the cream works on the outside. This is, without a doubt, the best option for ERPD, so you can get back to the life you love. 

Next, we have our Truvy Boost™ Variety Pack. The Truvy Boost™ you know and love is now supercharged with S3 technology to aid in stable, all-day energy. Dr. Tory Parker crafted our proprietary energy blend, S3 technology, to help keep you alert, energized, and performing at a consistent level all day long.* And if that weren’t enough, we’ve included tasty new flavors such as Lemon Tea, Blue Raspberry, Cherry Watermelon, and Peach Mango and, back by popular demand, Lava Flow. Each of these new flavors will keep your taste buds dancing and help to make your day just a little tastier. Shake well, then shake, uh, weller. 

Products that were announced and are coming later this year:

New Tru+ formula! We’ve added two new and well-studied ingredients to our Tru+ formula. The first ingredient is a special potato extract. One of the main benefits of this extract is the satiety effect (or feelings of fullness) it provides. Overeating is the main contributor when it comes to weight gain, and is also one of the hardest habits to break when first starting out. To help you combat cravings, we’ve added potato extract to hush hunger cues and stop you from your mid-day fast food run! The best part? Your body never builds tolerance to appetite suppressants, so you’re looking at a product that’ll help you for the long haul.

New Vy formula! There are three main points we want you to focus on when it comes to our new Vy™ formula.

  1. Thermogenesis: Let’s turn up the heat! By taking the new and improved Vy™ capsule and utilizing thermogenesis, your body will support your metabolism to work at an optimal level. This should help you burn off unwanted calories and fat when supported by a healthy diet.*
  2. Energy: Finding the energy to get up and get moving is one of the hardest parts of any weight loss journey. Rauwolscine, a key ingredient in Vy™, motivates you to get up, get your steps in, and use that extra energy for good.*
  3. Satiety Here’s your surprise: When you’re hungry, reaching for high-calorie food or simply overeating is all too easy but can also be a detriment to weight management goals. With our new Vy™ formula, you can say “Goodbye” to those cravings!. Simply put, our new Dual Appetite Control Ingredients help you suppress your appetite and control hunger.* With increased satiety, you’ll eat fewer calories overall, supercharging your journey!* The best part? Your body never builds a tolerance to appetite suppressants, so you’re looking at a product that’ll help you for the long haul.

Rank advancement

Rank Advancements: 

Last but certainly not least rank advancements! Each year, we look to congratulate customers in the field who advanced in the ranks and grew their own personal businesses. Here’s who ranked up at truSUMMIT 2022!

Senior Associates: Abby Calhoun, Aixamar Reyes, Alejandra Ruperto, Alexander Manuel Bertel De La Espriella, Allyson Frizell, Amanda Legarda Realpe, Amarilys Montalvo Ayala, Amber Alford, Amber Benso, Amoy Wauchope-Hawkins, Amy Salyer, Angie Amiot, Annemie Botha, Ashley Bablitz, Audrey Stamper, Audri Baker, Augusto Vargas, Aurybeth Santos, Beatriz Gomez, Blanca Rosado, Blanca Valle, Bonnie Renee New, Brian Barreto Montalvo, Carlos Alberto Barrera, Carlos Y Mimi Campos, Carmen Bollinger, Cassy Sommers, Chaise Herring, Charlye Richardson, Cindy Maze, Claribel Parra, Cmt Ventures Inc, Danette Rizzo, Daniel Perdomo, Danielle Whitt, Darggie Mulero, David Jaramillo, Deivy Solarte, Denice Duszynski, Denielle Landman, Destiny Shivers, Deysha Santiago, Diana Rodriguez, Diane Olson, Dorelly Gonzalez, Doris Andrea Chaustre Parra, Dropfivelikeitshot Llc, Eduard Guali, Eileen Sumagit, Eliana Rodas, Elias Eleazar Ruiz, Elizabeth Carreiro, Elizabeth Pagan, Elizabeth Puerta Mondragon, Enar Guerra, Enderson Crespo Chirino, Estefany Valencia, Ever Tejada, Ezna Kennedy, Fredy Mauricio Parra Reyes, German Garcia Medina, Germania Lopez, Gilberto Narvaez, Gloria Castaneda Ramirez, Hernando Ceron, Heslene Jacobs, Ileana Alicea, Ina Hershberge, Infinyteam Colombia Sas, Isabel Cuevas, Isabella Rios Vasquez, Ivan Soto Lopez, Jamie Crivelli, Jasmine Aikman, Jennifer Carter, Jennifer Gordon, Jennifer Paola Martinez Diaz, Jessika Rodriguez, Jill Kennedy, Jill Paulson, Joan Cabrera, Johana Elizabeth Velazquez Molina, Jorge Luis Utria Cabrera, Joshua Gobert, Juan Francisco Aroca, Julie West, Justina Tyson, Karen Faircloth, Karrie Mitchell, Kathy Cervoni, Kervin Ramos, Keyla Rodri­guez, Kristy Wolcott, Krystal Hunter, Laura Bowden, Leidy Apraez, Leidy Males, Leslie Heying, Letitia Melton, Lida Alexandra Ocampo Arredondo, Liezle Brink, Linsy Vanessa Mora Delgado, Lisa Ferland, Liz Annette Ortiz, Liznel Sanchez Velez, Lorena Guevara Cruz, Lorena Ramirez Tobon, Lori Goldstein, Louleyla Leech, Lovemore Kalonga, Luz Diaz, Lynn Graham, Mabel Rivera Santana, Madelegni Diaz Munoz, Manuel Santiago, Marcela Rueda Lara, Margaret Key, Maria Jurado, Maria Santos Sanchez, Mariana Valery, Mariela Martinez, Marilyn Miller, Mario Jr Poveda Charry, Mariska Taljaard, Marjorie Diaz Lopez, Marlene Garro Campos, Megan Walford, Melissa Cuda, Michaelann Dach, Michelle Robinson, Minicke Burger, Monaca White, Monica Wilson, Myrna Gonzales, Natasha Donnakanian, Nelson Alberto Duque Clavijo, Nelson De Jesus Franco, Nicole Jesion, Patricia Nieukirk, Paula Graf, Pauline Robertson, Rachel Rymer, Rebel Robinson, Richard Armando Flores, Rodolfo Chaustre Buitrago, Rubiela Maria Arrieta Rendon, Sacha Beach, Salome Niemann, Samara Del Pilar Mejia Vasquez, Sandy Lynn Day, Sanet Jacobs, Sarah Selby, Savanna Miller, Sergio Gallo, Shannon Turbeville, Shayna Thompson, Shellie King, Shelly Whitley, Sidglide Gonzalez, Socorro Narvaez, Sonia Marin Bermudez, Stace Roberts, Stacey Ernst, Stephanie Brasher, Stephanie White, Sulma Valencia, Susie Turner, Suzanne Koster, Teresa Lazo, Tina Loughary, Tina Scruggs, Triny K Mendoza, Trisha Payne, Veronica Ferrer, Vianed Cristina Gamboa, Victor Antonio, Banda Martinez, Waleska Rodriguez, Wellingthon Sandoval, Wildaly Nieves Vazques, Wilmie De Villiers, Yamilette Maldonado, Yarielly Segura, Yarleen Ruiz, Yefry Ortiz, Yeli Barroeta, Yessica Sanchez Veasquez, Yohana Patia, Yolanda Garcia Medina, Yuliana Marcela Gomez Henao


1 Star Directors: ​​Alexis & Joshua Woltz, Ana Giselle Caban Rivera, Angela Piedrahita, Arquimedes Sanchez Florez, Ashalee Campbell, Ayeira Cuba, Becky Puetz, Ben Monahan, Brad Mooney, Carissa Matzke, Carla Marcela Bonilla Monge, Cathy Little, Construciones Alimeba Sas, Dawn Anderson, Dearlene Wiggins, Devonay Potter, Emily Berkman, Holly Capron, Ilani Pretorius, Isabelle Pavlacky, Jairo Javier Jimenez Calderon, Jennifer Santos, John Fredy Chavita Sanchez, Joyska Merced, Judith Narvaez, Julie Hunter, Kaley Monahan, Katherine Avila Jimenez, Katie Connor, Kayla Becker, Kelly Lopez Shaw, Kimberley Miller, Kristen Bucher, Kristy Leary, Leidy Paez, Lisa Blake, Louise Gibson, Luis Gonzalez, Luz Adriana Londono Martinez, Luzmilda Lopez, Mabel Calderon, Madelyn Maldonado Lugo, Maria Adela Gonzalez De Garzon, Maria V Coreano, Melanie Cain, Monique Taylor, Mynie Olivier, Nestor Martinez Pablo Velez, Pam Batty, Quiriat Gonzalez Colon, Ramon Gonzalez De Jesus, Raymara Rodriguez, Robert Ewing, Robyn Markham, Rose Huff, Saidi Mbungo, Sheila Maureen Aguiar, Sonia Vasquez Arias, Stephanie Galloza, Sylvia Colon, Tammy Buchanan, Tanya Dickieson, Tara Teague, Tonya Price, Triston Green, Wendy Tames  

2 Star Directors: Annita Dube, Barbara Arnold, Chasity Cook, Cheryl Scarlato, CJ And Tory Czencz, Grace LepeHenry Ortiz, Janniffer Melcher, Jenn Palmer, Jennifer Champken, John Michel Gonzalez, Katiuska Rodriguez, Keely Taylor-Zastrow, Kym Hamilton, Leanda Martin, Lisa Lail, Lizelle Van Rooyen, Louise Heredia, Mlamuleli Tshuma, Shakira Mendez, Sharlene Ayala, Talita Roux, Wesley Mercado Rodriguez

3 Star Directors: Anele Dube, Annette Cox, Bonnie Vest, Carlos Rivera Gamboa, Carol Starling, Daniela Chalarca, Heather Johnson, Kimberly Wilkins, Lache Jacobs, Rick Hagar, Yaleska Nazario

4 Star Directors: Alexis Sepulveda, Bryan Oliveras, Diane Hochman, Marianne Medina, Rachel Wheeler, Stefanie Vega, Tiffany Maldonado, Todd Black

5 Star Director: Courtney Luper Rosencrantz

7 Star Director: Carlos Vidal

Double 5 Star Director: Angel Fletcher

truSUMMIT stage

Congrats everyone! We’re so proud and can’t wait to see what’s “next” for all of you. 😉 Keep up the great work and we’ll see you next year at truSUMMIT in New Orleans, Louisiana. Can’t wait!