Teresa Potts Brenton

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Teresa Potts Brenton: A Truvy Transformation

TruVision Health has given me my life back! I am a happier and health-minded person now.

teresa before after

Before TruVision Health I had no energy most days and I barely moved from the couch. My eating habits were out of control and I overate at every meal. I did not like the person I saw in the mirror or in pictures with family and friends.

I had been added to a TruVision Health group on Facebook which I came across daily for a year or maybe longer. One day while watching my grandson we jumped on the scales together. I was horrified at that number I was seeing! I decided that day I was going to do something to change my weight and health. Remembering I had seen several testimonies on that Facebook group, I decided to contact my friend Nicole and ask her to help me get started with TruVision Health.

Now I am a much more active person. I stay active by walking daily and joined the 10k pledge to help keep me going. I started off doing what I could and have worked my way up to 5 miles and even run at times. I have utilized the supplements to make better food choices and to help with portion control. I have cut out sugars and no longer even like sweets.

TruVision Health has given me my life back! I am a happier and health-minded person now. I feel like I’m in my 20’s again. I have lost many pounds and several inches. I feel like I’m finally in control of my body.

My advice for those starting is to set goals for yourself. Everyday push yourself to do more. Remember it takes time and consistency. Just keep going and believe in yourself!


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