Our Favorite Non-Toxic Cleaning Options

Our Favorite Non-Toxic Cleaning Options

There’s been a recent rise in the popularity of non-toxic products and for good reason!

Why the sudden interest? Science and discovery have allowed us to better understand what’s inside some of the common products we all use and why it could be harmful to our overall health.

Unfortunately, common household items, like what you use to clean your home with, are full of potentially harmful chemicals and ingredients.

So what can you do? Plain old water rarely does the trick and getting rid of bacteria is just as important as getting that clean look.

Luckily there are some simple non-toxic options and hacks you can use to keep your house squeaky clean without all those nasty chemicals! Check out our top 3 favorites.

1- simplyCLEAN™

Our very own all-purpose cleaner that is 100% bio-degradable and non-toxic. Safe and easy to use, this cleaning agent can be used on any kind of wall, countertop, appliance, cabinet, carpet, wood, or upholstery.

It will seriously clean ANYTHING. We’ve seen it used on dirty showers, kitchen sinks, shoes, pet stains, carpet stains, and more!

It out-performs retail store products in safety, cleaning power and cost-effectiveness. It is highly concentrated and one 8oz bottle of simplyCLEAN concentrate will fill our 16oz spray bottle 8 times! Also, because you’re working with a concentrate, you decide the strength of the solution you’re working with. If you have an extra tough cleaning job, simply use more concentrate and less water in your spray bottle.

Learn more about simplyCLEAN and what you can use it on here.

2- Simple Disinfectant Spray

If you need to disinfect something quick, use this simple germ-killing spray just about anywhere! Use this recipe to disinfect the bathroom, electronic devices such as keyboards (don’t spray directly onto electronics), and more.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Equal parts water
  • Equal parts rubbing alcohol
  • Spray bottle

3- All Purpose Cleaner

This non-toxic formula acts as a great all-purpose cleaner and is also easy to make. You just need a few ingredients and your favorite essential oil. Use this recipe in the kitchen, bathroom, and for dusting.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 16-ounce spray bottle
  • 3 tablespoons rubbing alcohol
  • 3 tablespoons liquid soap such as Seventh Generation Dish Soap or Mrs. Myers
  • 20-30 drops essential oil (we like citrus best for a fresh smell!)