Maryanne Lechleiter: A Truvy Transformation

Maryanne Lechleiter

My biggest advice for anyone that is considering starting or just started TruVision Health is to stay consistent and stick with it.


My whole life I have struggled with self-confidence and once I hit middle school I started to struggle with my weight as well. I was picked on through middle school and high school and now that I look back, I wasn’t that big then, but I also wasn’t that healthy either. Then I had my first kid and that really changed everything.

I didn’t bounce back to my pre-pregnancy weight at all then two years later I had my second kid and my weight gain became even more of a problem. I decided to try and take control of my weight but had little success no matter what I tried. I then moved out of town started school and within a year I had gained over half the weight I lost back! Then my third baby came along and that’s when the number on the scale just kept climbing and climbing.

After my last kid I had tried so many different things to lose the weight but for the life of me, nothing was working! I tried several other weight loss programs, I tried strict diets and I would lose maybe a few pounds but then I would gain them right back.

I got to the point I had given up. I thought I was going to be overweight for the rest of my life, I started living in leggings and baggy shirts. Not only was the weight gain a problem, but I was always mad at myself because I had no energy to even want to do anything. My kids would ask for me to go do things with them like a simple bike ride or even just go play catch. I would tell them constantly “later” and kept pushing what they wanted to do off. I was drinking two to three energy drinks a day just to stay awake and be able to do the bare minimum for my family.

The day I stepped on the scale and when I saw what it read I knew I needed to take charge and figure something out. I had been added to a TruVision Health Success group months back by Amy Hicks and had been watching it and admiring all the other people’s success stories. I asked so many questions over and over but still never placed an order because I was so skeptical.

So, I finally decided to take that leap and give this one last thing a try, I owed it to myself and my kids!! I went all in, I ordered a control kit that had the truFIX™, truCONTROL™ combo, rePLACE™ Shakes and reNU™. I waited so anxiously to receive my kit. I fell in love at first try!

My appetite control and my energy boost that I felt right away was phenomenal. Before TruVision Health, I always wanted to snack 24/7 out of boredom and I never had the energy to do anything. With the products I wasn’t wanting to snack all day, I had the energy to get up and get things around the house without a single energy drink!

Within the first week, I had lost some pounds and inches and I could finally put on a pair of jeans that I hadn’t been able to wear in months! I knew this was the answer to all my prayers. I finally found something that was going to help me lose weight and be the mom my kids deserved.

As the months went by and the pounds and inches were coming off, I started gaining back my self-confidence and started to love myself again. I now had the energy to go on the bike rides my kids always asked me to do and simply go outside and play catch. We also started to enjoy little family hikes and lots of other fun activities that I never had the energy to do before. Fast forward and now 71.6lbs are GONE FOR GOOD!!

My biggest advice for anyone that is considering starting or just started TruVision Health is to stay consistent and stick with it. Be sure to drink plenty of water and listen to your body. If you have extra energy put it to good use. If your body is saying you are full stop eating and if your body is saying you’re hungry eat!

TruVision Health has not only been a blessing in my life just because of the weight loss but it has also brought some financial freedom to my life as well as some amazing new friendships!

After a month of being on TruVision Health, I decided I was going to promote the amazing products that have helped me so much in such little time to help others reach their goals. I absolutely love being able to talk with others and be an inspiration to them and help them along their journey.

If it weren’t for my amazing upline I most definitely wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Our whole team is amazing and so supportive that It has helped the business part of my journey fun and successful.

I am so beyond thankful for our team leader Stephanie Albrechtson she is beyond amazing and our team couldn’t ask for a better leader!! Stephanie is always there for us and always trying to help us succeed in any way possible.

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