7 Simple Ways to Get More Steps

Two people walking down the hallway going to class.

7 Simple Ways to Get More Steps

We all know that daily physical activity is important, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. Life is busy and often, exercise gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.
Luckily there are simple things you can do every day to get in more steps and movement that can make a big difference!
Here are seven simple but effective ways to get in more steps!

Park farther away.

Seems simple, but parking farther away at the grocery store, movies, or wherever you go can help you get in extra steps! Plus, parking further away from all cars might save your car from a door ding or two.

Take a walk at lunch.

Got a lunch break? Instead of just sitting more and eating your lunch, use part of your break to go walk or even hit the gym. Taking a break mid-day to get some steps in can help boost your energy and allows for better productivity during those last few work hours.

Stand while you work.

If you can make it work or have the option, try standing off and on during your workday. Standing a little more often can help you stay more alert and burns more calories than just sitting. You don’t need to stand for long periods of time, maybe just 15 minutes per hour or so.

Drink enough water.

What does drinking water have to do with getting extra steps in? Well, if you’re drinking water frequently throughout the day you’ll probably have to make more trips to the bathroom. Those extra bathroom trips help you get up and get some extra movement in! Plus you’ll stay hydrated. Not a fan of plain old water? Try adding HEART & HYDRATION to add delicious flavor to your water.

Skip the elevator.

If you have the option, always take the stairs. You’ll burn more calories, strengthen your legs, and get more steps in during the day. You might even avoid some crowds! Just adding an extra two minutes of climbing stairs each day can help prevent weight gain, help you have a healthy heart, and boost energy.

Clean your house.

Cleaning your house may not substitute as a trip to the gym, but it can still help you get up and move around. You could burn around 130 calories just vacuuming and sweeping for 30 minutes. Plus it’s always nice to have a clean home!

Wake up with yoga.

Mornings are tough, but there are healthier ways to start the day. Instead of starting your morning routine with the coffee and television, try a few minutes of yoga or stretching for some extra movement. Yoga helps wake up and invigorate the body while encouraging a state of meditation and positivity. One study showed that two, 90-minute yoga sessions a week helped reduce fatigue by 57 percent. You can always start small, even just 5 minutes of yoga when you first wake up can help you start the day feeling energized!