A List of Simple Exercises for Moms (That You Can Do Anywhere!)


Mom Exercise

Let’s face it mom, you’re the true unsung hero. This month is special because it’s all about you, and you know what? It’s time that someone makes a list for you to follow for simple exercises when you get a tiny bit of ‘you’ time. Even better news… these can easily be done at home or near your house!

‘You’ time may not be much, but these exercises are a great way to fill that gap. Even short exercises will not only benefit your physical health, but your emotional and mental health too. Here are some simple exercises made just for our awesome moms.

Simple Exercises for Moms

1. Squats with Jumping Jacks

You can’t go wrong with a round of jumping jacks, they are a great full body workout as well as a weight bearing exercise. Squats and jumping jacks offer agility and cardio and also targets every muscle group. This exercise allows you to determine how many sets you would like to do. It’s pretty simple, alternate between 30 jumping jacks followed by 30 deep squat jacks. It’s also a great exercise to set benchmark goals, giving you the chance to bump up the numbers and increase your endurance.


2. The 4 minute Booty-Kicker

A quick exercise that involves 40 full seconds of movement, followed by 20 seconds of rest time.

  • Squats – 40 Seconds
  • Rest – 20 Seconds
  • Pushups – 40 Seconds
  • Rest – 20 Seconds
  • Mountain Climbers – 40 Seconds
  • Rest for 20 Seconds

3. Jungle Gym Bootcamp

Taking the kids to the playground? Why not join them? You can do tricep push-ups on the bench, incline push-ups, step-ups, and pull-ups on the monkey bars. Show the other moms what you’re made of, and we are sure your kids would give it a try too!

4. Hallway Lunges

We are sure that you have a long hallway of some kind at your house. You know the one, where the kids run past at almost 40 mph screaming? Make it your space for a minute or two and do lunges down the hall. When you reach the end add 40 seconds of jumping jacks and start again.

Mom Exercise

5. Stair Sequence

Try to find a staircase with at least 10 steps on it and walk up and down them. Each time you complete it make an adjustment you pick up the pace. Slowly, adding skipping a step, next try not to hold onto the handrail, next lunge to the top and just keep repeating. This is a great cardiovascular exercise.

6. 15-minute full body circuit

A 15-minute exercise is the full package!

  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 squats
  • 15 sit-ups

This 15-minute workout can be done as many repetitions as needed with small breaks in between. Start out with 3 repetitions and as you start to get more comfortable, continue to up the amount.

10K Pledge Exercise

7. Truvy’s 10K Pledge

We created the 10K Pledge™ as a way to encourage people to change their lives through healthy and active living. The new 10K Pledge app tracks your steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, water and calorie intake, sleep patterns and active minutes. This is a great way to stay motivated with incentives and joining other people who are looking to change their lives just like you. You are receiving the recommended steps every day so whether you are running errands, running the kids around, or going for a walk, you’re being rewarded for it. Join people all around the world by participating in our 10K Pledge!


Fitting in daily exercise to your routine doesn’t have to take up large chunks of time, or a trip to the gym. You can find things and places around your house to fit in some workouts that are short but effective. Even just 10 minutes a day can make a difference that you will definitely notice.