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It’s almost time for the start of another fall semester, and since you’ll be on campus and on your own, mom and dad won’t be there to monitor your diet. Your busy schedule and hectic lifestyle as a college student can make it difficult to fulfill your dietary needs. You’ll be eating on the go or whenever you have a few spare minutes, and maintaining a balanced diet won’t as easy as it used to be. 

But it can be a lot easier with our health supplements. Here are a few that you can add to your back-to-college shopping list that can give you the energy and nutritional value you need to be at your best.


You’ve heard of the “freshman 15,” but weight management can be just as challenging for upperclassmen. It will be easier with truFIX®, available as a drink or in capsule form. It’s formulated to balance your blood sugar, cholesterol, and other aspects of body chemistry, which not only helps you manage your weight but also keeps your energy at a healthy level.  


Looking for an energy boost that won’t have you feeling jittery? With truCONTROL®, you’ll boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite at the same time, so you’ll be able to manage your weight and eat less without feeling like you’re starving yourself.  


One of the biggest challenges throughout your daily life on campus is staying hydrated. Hydration is necessary for anyone, but even more essential for you and your active lifestyle. H&H™ stands for Heart & Hydration™ and contains electrolytes to give you energy as well as CoQ10 and Elderberry for nutrition. Plus, it comes in your choice of tasty flavors: original, grape, pink grapefruit, and watermelon. Also now available in our H&H+™ because as if Heart & Hydration™ couldn’t get any better we found a way to make it happen. It’s everything you’ve always loved with an added source of all natural caffeine to not only mix up your regular water, but to energize you as well.

One of Our Complementary Products You Can Pair With These and Other Core Products


You can take supplements for natural energy, but the best natural energy of all is a good night’s sleep. truSLUMBER® can help you get a good night’s sleep, so that you’ll be rested, refreshed, and ready to take on the day’s challenges.  

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