3 Health Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss

Woman doing yoga on mat to lose weight.

3 Health Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss

Woman doing yoga on mat to lose weight.

When it comes to slimming down fast, we’ve tried it all—power shakes, wellness supplements, green juice cleanses, and manic exercise whenever possible. Even if you’re not a hardcore gym bunny, there are still many ways to stay fit at home.

Yoga for weight loss is one convenient method that you can use to boost your weight loss journey, alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle. When you use our patches, dailies, and recovery mixes to fuel each vinyasa flow, Truvy products make staying fit easy and fun.

Yoga for Weight Loss: Why Even Bother?

Yoga is more than a glorified stretching routine—it’s actually an extraordinarily powerful way to regain balance throughout your body. We don’t just mean physical alignment, either.

While practices like Bikram yoga and power yoga will certainly help you burn more calories, even gentle yoga for beginners can turn your mindset around entirely. Through mindfulness and stress relief, yoga can impact your diet, your emotions, and even your daily routine, kickstarting your weight loss goals.

1. Yoga Reduces Stress

If you’re stressed, the research shows that you might be more likely to overeat sweet and energy-dense treats, even if better choices are readily available. Stress may also predispose you to carry more abdominal weight than usual, including stubborn adipose fat tissue around your lower midsection. Yikes. Not on our watch.

The takeaway: When we feel better, we’re much less likely to overindulge, and our bodies are more capable of processing everything we eat efficiently. If you’ve ever tried yoga for weight loss, you’re probably familiar with the serene sense of calm that you feel after a great session.

2. Yoga Develops Mindfulness (Especially in Regard to Food!)

Half of the battle when losing weight inevitably comes down to our choice at each meal. The typical American diet is abysmal, but it’s not because we’re eating hamburgers and pizza every day.

Improving your relationship with food will empower you to make better decisions. It might also help you recognize when you’re already too full to continue. Many amateur yogis and professional influencers also regularly advocate a daily, weekly, or biweekly fast and intermittent fasting.

The best way to reset your body is to step back for a moment, especially if you’re already overweight. When you’re bored between meals, choosing a yoga workout instead of a snack might help you distance yourself from emotional eating.

3. Yoga Helps You Sleep

The terrible truth: Sleep deprivation undermines hypocaloric weight loss. While anybody in a deficit will still lose weight, you’ll suffer in terms of body composition. That is, the weight that you lose will be less likely to be excess body fat.

There’s nothing like waking up completely reinvigorated in the morning, and yoga can help you improve your sleep quality. Your hormones will re-regulate themselves, and you’ll be so much more inclined toward positive daily choices from the helm of this new state of mind.

The Tides of Change: Is Yoga for Weight Loss Right for You?

Truvy products make weight loss simple. A daily yoga practice will only reinforce your results. Yoga in the morning? It doesn’t matter. Find a guru online that you like and feel your power flourish.

For all things health- and fitness-related, you can read a ton about wellness as a lifestyle on our blog. First, start with your soul. The rest of your weight loss journey will fall right into place.