Halfway Through Reels Competition

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels Competition Rules & FAQs

We can’t believe it’s already been six months since we launched the Truvy Instagram Reels Competition! Time is flying, and we’re loving seeing all of your beautiful faces. 😍 January marks our halfway point in our competition—so here’s your sign to get your creative juices flowing and enter for a chance to win FIFTY 7-Day Experience kits!

Are you a Truvy Superfan? Join our Reels Competition! 

Our Superfans have created some amazing content thus far. For those who aren’t familiar with our exciting competition, here’s a brief recap: We’ve enlisted our Superfans in showcasing their love for Truvy on Instagram using Reels. It’s a chance to see the many faces of the TruFam, engage with one another, and for a chance to be featured on Truvy’s corporate Instagram account.

All entrants are eligible for one monthly prize of FIFTY 7-day Experience Kits. Plus, monthly winners will be entered into a pool to be crowned Grand Prize winner in July— taking home ANOTHER fifty 7-day Experience Kits AND $1000 in cash!

How do you enter? It’s simple!



  1. You must have an Instagram account. If you’d like help setting one up, follow the link here.
  2. You must create a reel video and post it on your Instagram account. Not a photo.
  3. Videos must showcase Truvy products or if business opportunity is mentioned, Truvy must be mentioned in the video.
  4. Due to copyright issues, Instagram may remove music from your videos. With that in mind, we encourage you to use any trending audio, original audio (aka your own voice) or any voice over you like.
  5. You must invite @trytruvy to be a collaborator on your reels video. We love being tagged in your reels, but Truvy must be added as a collaborator for us to accept and have the video live on our feed.
  6. Have fun and be yourself! We want to see your personality shine through.

    Follow this link for additional details, including rules, judging criteria, and prize information. 

Want some extra tips to get featured?


We highly suggest that you find a clean and simple background for your reel. The less distractions the better! When choosing a cover image for your reel you can use one from the video that intrigues people to click and view your awesome reel OR you can choose a different image. (Hint: we suggest using one that pertains to your video and that looks clean, tidy, and gets right to the point).

So what are you waiting for? Now is your chance to prove yourself as a Reels master and the truest of Truvy Superfans. We’re excited to see ya! ✨👏🎥


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