CLUB 90™: Truvy’s most sought-after incentive program.

Truvy™ has built a foundation around helping others live fit, healthy, and happy lives. The mission from the beginning has been to empower all of those who have a heart to serve others in accomplishing the goal of better health and life longevity. CLUB 90™ is Truvy’s premium rewards club for those individuals who go above and beyond in sharing the message and helping others to improve their health. From ultimate destination retreats to the most exclusive product pre-launches and event VIPs, the rewards are limitless. Welcome to the new standard in rich, healthy rewards.

How to qualify

Qualifications are point based. You earn points by building your personal business and helping others build theirs.

Each time you or someone you personally sponsor rank advances (to 3 STAR or below) or creates a new account with 100 PV (rollover volume excluded), you will earn points. The point structure increases as you make your way through the compensation plan.

You need 90 points to qualify. See point structure chart.

CLUB 90™ Hawaii

If you qualify for Club 90™, you can register for a getaway in beautiful Oahu, Hawaii! This 4-day retreat will be your well-earned reward for going above and beyond in sharing the Truvy message. We’d love for you to join us.

New 100PV Account*+2+1
1 STAR+40+20
2 STAR+60+30
3 STAR+80+40

* New 100 PV account is any account with 100 PV ordered within the month the account was created (June, July, August). New accounts OR advancements must occur from June 1st, 2020 or later.
** All third party website orders will NOT count towards CLUB 90™ qualifications

Qualification Timeframe

June 1, 2020- August 31, 2020

*Retreat Dates

*October 14, 2020 – October 18, 2020


Oahu, Hawaii


*1 Trip Per Household. Airfare & transfers not included.

*All third party website orders will not count towards CLUB 90™ qualifications. Each CLUB 90™ qualification must be done using NEW volume. The qualifying Associate must be in good standing with Truvy™ Corporate. Any and all offers in part with CLUB 90™ are non-transferable. TruvyTM reserves the right to make changes or alter this program to its own discretion. For more information, please visit