The Best Essential Oils for Stress and How to Use Them

As much as we try to avoid it, stress is simply a part of daily life.

Some stress in our life is good, we call this eustress. This type of stress drives us, is motivating, and is usually temporary. It’s that feeling when you get a good idea or are excited about a future event.

Distress, on the other hand, is the type of negative stress we want to avoid. It makes us feel anxious and worried. If it lasts a long time, it can result negative health consequences and a lack of energy.

One way to help reduce the negative stress in our lives is incorporating essential oils into your routine.

Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years for their wide variety of health benefits. The most common ways to use essential oils are in a water diffuser or topically on the skin. Some essential oils are known to help reduce stress and provide a calming atmosphere.

Here are four of the best essential oils for natural stress relief so you can get back to feeling your best!


Lavender has been around for thousands of years as a remedy to calm the mind and body. It has a warm, relaxing scent which helps promote a sense of well-being.

How to use: Diffuse lavender oil to uplift your mood or add a few drops to a warm bath.


Peppermint oil has one of the most refreshing scents in the world! Peppermint can clear your mind and soothe the body.

How to use:

Dilute peppermint oil (with a carrier oil like our fractionated coconut oil) and massage into tense areas like the shoulders, neck, and temples.


This ancient oil has a very calming aroma and can help your brain and body relax when inhaled.

How to usePut a few drops in a diffuser or in your next bath for increased tranquility.


Native to Australia, eucalyptus oil was first distilled back in the 1800s for its health benefits. Eucalyptus helps clear the senses, calm the mind, and provide a clean air smell.

How to useYou can diffuse eucalyptus for a clean feeling environment or use topically with a carrier oil to moisturize and relax.  

Essential oils are a healthy, natural way to deal with life’s daily stressors. Next time you feel yourself getting anxious, angry, or just need a boost of positive energy, try using some of these oils and the different techniques mentioned.


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