It’s all about (Blood) Chemistry, Baby!

Welcome to Science Hour, featuring our in-house nutrition expert, Dr. Tory Parker!

Our signature product Tru+ is designed to support balanced blood chemistry; but what does that really mean? If you’re the few of us that aren’t scientists like Dr. Tory, you may not know what makes blood chemistry so important for health and weight loss, which is why we’re here to translate some hard science into plain ol’ English.

Your Body, A Well-Oiled Machine

You know how it feels when your body is working at its best? It feels pretty awesome to give your workouts your all! But, if like many of us, you get stuck in a rut of an inconsistent diet and a sedentary lifestyle, you may feel like a car without gas. This may be—in part-–due to an imbalance in blood chemistry.

See, the make-up of your blood matters. Red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma each have their own unique jobs: red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to your cells, white blood cells are part of your immune system, and plasma contains and delivers all of the other chemistry that your body’s cells need to grow and thrive.

Long story short—having the right balance in your blood plasma means a healthy cardiovascular system. So when we say blood chemistry, we are really talking about helping your blood plasma do its job while protecting your cardiovascular system from damage during the process.

Protecting the Cardiovascular System

So, what kinds of things can throw off your blood chemistry and damage your cardiovascular system?

There are two main things in your blood that can cause damage.

Free Radicals

Even at its best, a normal metabolism is estimated to make a mistake about 10% of the time, resulting in the formation of a free radical. A free radical is an unstable molecule that binds to another healthy molecule, damaging it as well, and sometimes causes harmful chain reactions that can damage many important molecules in our bodies important for our health. Stopping free radicals before they can cause damage requires that our blood plasma have a protective shield of antioxidants in it all the time. These protectors can come from a healthy diet and supplements (like Tru+!) when our diets aren’t perfect.


Too much sugar, too often, results in cardiovascular damage. One of the reasons that insulin causes our muscles to absorb sugar from the blood so quickly after a meal is so that sugar doesn’t stick around long enough to damage your cardiovascular system.

One of the best examples that shows how important healthy blood sugar is to your cardiovascular system is seen in diabetics whose blood sugar levels are unstable/too high. Diabetics develop cardiovascular disease much more often than non-diabetics. While eating less sugar can certainly help, Tru+ is specifically designed to help your body more effectively control blood sugar in healthy individuals.

Your Wellness Journey

Tru+ is combined with Vy as a healthy weight management package. While many think a metabolism-jumpstart like Vy is all you need to lose weight, it’s important to address your internal wellness first.

In your weight loss journey, many things can change in your blood chemistry. For example, as you lose weight, more fat is released into your bloodstream. Like sugars, fats also increase cardiovascular oxidation and can lead to damage. The supporting antioxidants in Tru+ help protect you from fat oxidation as well as metabolic oxidation.

Likewise, as you increase physical activity on your weight management journey, you produce more free radicals. Remember how we said that we make a mistake 10% of the time in our normal metabolism? Well, when you increase your metabolism with Vy, you produce more free radicals. But no need to panic, Tru+ is there to act as a shield and keep you a well-oiled machine.

Maintaining a healthy blood chemistry balance is pretty critical to any weight loss journey. For more information, here’s our visual take at Truvy Labs: NEW Tru+ and Vy

You’re destined for greatness. Enjoy your wellness journey!

– Truvy