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We’re Buzzing over Letric™!

Are you ready to experience Tru+ Relief? Here at Truvy, we’ve been buzzing about Letric™, the dual-acting soothing system designed to ease your discomfort. Rest and recovery are a vital aspect of any wellness routine, and we’re here to make it a bit easier. 

Letric cream


Occasional aches and pains are, unfortunately, a part of daily life. Whether you’re exercising to reach your fitness goals or going about routine movement, lactic acid that builds up in the body’s muscles can leave us feeling sore. Letric™ is our answer to getting back to our regularly scheduled programs as soon as possible– and that’s a relief for everybody! 😉


What makes Letric so Extraordinary? 🌼 

Letric’s main ingredient is the Ting Flower, an organic substance that delivers fast, naturally-derived discomfort relief.

The Ting Flower has a variety of names, including the Electric Daisy, the Toothache Plant, Buzz Buttons, Paracress, and Szechuan Buttons. A flowering herb of the Acmella Oleracea plant family, these special little plants are packed full of spilanthol, a fatty acid amide that acts on nerves. When eaten, this plant both causes saliva production and a ‘buzzy’ feeling in your mouth!

This same sensation is picked up in your body’s CB2 receptors, allowing for powerful all-natural discomfort relief. A blend containing that same balm is delivered with our two stand-out products– Letric™ Cream and Letric™ Capsule.


Dual-Powered Discomfort Relief

Letric™ Cream:

  • Made with Ting Flower
  • Non-greasy Formula
  • Soothing Sensation
  • Fast-acting


Letric™ Capsule:

  • Made with Ting Flower
  • Easy-to-swallow capsules
  • All-natural discomfort relief


Letric capsules

How to Use Letric

Step 1) Take your capsule each morning, alongside Truvy Dailies™.

Step 2) Apply the cream to external trouble areas. 

Step 3) Feel that cool, tingly sensation, and relax. 

Step 4) Go about your day, smiling and discomfort-free!


Reclaim your power, and get back to living!


– Truvy