Leonet Kleynhan

Leonet Kleynhan cutting card for Trim That Debt Program

Leonet Kleynhan: A “Trim that Debt” Success Story

We have a new program called “Trim that Debt” which simply adds on another layer to “live better.” This program allows Associates like Leonet Kleynhan to register and commit to paying off a debt. If you are in debt more than $500, you can enroll and commit to a date on having it paid off. (and of course, if needed, that date can change)

As time goes by, we will be cheering you on and checking in to see how things are going. Once the debt is paid in full, we will email you a banner and mail you out our custom made “trim that debt” scissors. If you choose, you can then send us a picture of you “trimming” up the bill or card and we’ll showcase your picture and story online. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re financially independent and TruVision Health™ wants to help you get there!

To register, simply login to your Back Office and on the navigation bar, you can click on the “trim that debt” link. Then simply fill out the form and click submit. Or you can go there by clicking here.

Leonet Kleynhan cutting card for Trim That Debt Program

“Two years ago I made a goal to attend an event for TruVision Health™. I used my credit cards for certain expenses, as I knew it was an investment for my future business with the company. As my business continued to grow I never took the leap to actually pay off my debt. For two years I had this burden on my shoulders. When the ‘Trim Your Debt’ program was announced, I knew this was my chance to finally pay it off. Thank you TruVision Health™ for providing me with the means to become debt free. The initial investment was worth it and now that it’s finally paid off I continue to feel more grateful each day.” -Leonet Kleynhan