3 Steps to Become an Influential Leader

Be a leader


3 Steps to Become an Influential Leader

Joining Truvy™ as an Associate may be the first time you have taken a role in a leadership position and it could feel intimidating at first. Maybe, a leadership position just comes as second nature to you. Either way, it never hurts to brush up on some pointers and make sure that you and your team are headed in the right direction. Take a step back and analyze your end goal and figure out the productive measures to get there. Follow these 3 Simple Steps to better your team and become a leader. 

Step 1. Train your members to do their job the right way.

As you expand your enrollment tree and look to take on new customers who later become Associates themselves, there is a lot to keep track of.

Some Questions to consider?

  1. Do my downline’s understand the product and the effective ways to enroll a new customer?
  2. Do they know the qualifications in order to receive commissions?
  3. Are they understanding what tools can better educate their knowledge of Truvy™?

Truvy™ has created many tools for you in your personal back office. You can view the Documents & Media section to review Compensation Plans, Promotional Sheets, Rank-Up Bonus, Training Videos, and more! The back office is a great tool to educate your downline’s and how they can continue to educate their future downline’s.


Step 2. Be a confident leader. 

Being a confident leader is one of the most important aspects of building a successful team. Having faith in yourself, especially in times of doubt shows you can be positive and willing to turn the situation around. Make sure to surround yourself by positive and passionate team members who can also raise you and the rest of the members up. Your influence essentially creates the atmosphere for the rest of the team. So make sure it’s a positive one.


  • When a leader can acknowledge and appreciate a job well done of a team member, it can boost their self-esteem and their ability to create new ideas. Confidence can spread like wildfire and continue to push your team to meet their goals. *Remember: Everyone appreciates a job well done.
  • Be self-motivated: Find a way to get excited and show an interest in your goals and what you attempt to accomplish. Also set aside time to really get to know your team and show them that you have an interest in who they are and what got them on the same journey as you.
  • Be willing to take risks: Get out of your comfort zone and find new ways to promote a product, getting people to join your team, and expand on new ideas.
  • Be willing to help your downline’s when they need. Be available and show them that you are a good ally and you are here to help them when they need. A good reminder is that to be a good leader you have to also be a good friend.

Set Goals

Step 3. Set daily goals to keep you focused.

  • Understand the final goal

Don’t follow the path blindly. Make sure to understand what your end goal is, take some time to sit down and dream about what the big picture may be. What does the destination look like and are you willing to plan out the steps to get there?

  • Plan

Is your goal to sign up 5 new Associates for the month? Sell 4 new control kits? Rank to a 1 star or higher? If you need to enroll new Associates what are the steps to get there? Do you need to get out and talk to more people? Introduce it to more friends? Promote it on social media? You’re more likely to follow through if you have a plan in place.

  • Prioritize

It can seem hard to balance all of the different aspects of expanding your team, but if it’s a part of your big picture, and you have a plan in place make sure you don’t let excuses get in your way.

  • Analyze yourself

Take a breather, and make sure to do some self-evaluation to make sure you are on the right track. Maybe as you create your plan you can set weekly, monthly and quarterly reminders to do a self-check. Make sure that you are headed in the right direction and that you are still on your way to meet your end goal. It’s okay to get off track, or maybe change your plans here and there, just make sure to take the time to evaluate yourself and your goals.

Passionate Leadership

In the end, it’s essentially up to you and how you choose to be a leader. Put in some personal flair and get excited about this new adventure. You’re already selling the product because you love it, spread the word and get others excited to join you!