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Brenda Palmer

I could have come up with a million reasons why I couldn’t do this.  All I needed was ONE reason why I needed it.  

Before Truvy™, I wasn’t being active and  not feeling healthy at all.  As a single mother of five as well as a hairdresser, I was doing my best to keep a roof over my family’s head and keep my children fed. I couldn’t imagine having the time, let alone the energy for exercise. I wanted to be thinner and live a healthy active life. I just didn’t know how.  

I actually came across Truvy™ when I watched my friend lose and keep it off. I was SUPER skeptical, but I watched my friend Lacy for two years and I desperately wanted to try. I was skeptical, but I was also full of hope that somehow it would work and be different from everything else I had previously tried but failed.  

I started with a 7-Day Experience Pack. The very first thing I noticed was the energy. Since I started over two years ago, I honestly don’t recall the last time I needed a nap.  This was A STUNNING change of pace for me.  By day seven I just knew I needed to stick with it.  

I didn’t lose pounds immediately.  But I DID lose inches. Ultimately I’ve lost more weight than I expected and I have since changed directions in my career AND my passions and hobbies. I’m now getting my certification for personal training and nutritionist.  I’m also training to compete in the NPC for bodybuilding.  Seriously…. if you had told me even TWENTY years ago that I could do that,  I would have called you nuts. I also love to travel now,  because I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of my own skin. I’m proud of it and I’m now VERY proud of what my body has done and continues to do for me.  

My advice to someone just starting out is simple:

#1 Take baby steps.  Don’t try to change EVERYTHING day one. It gets overwhelming and you’re setting yourself up for failure.  How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.  Bite off too much at once and it’s gonna be harder!

#2 Celebrate the non scale victories.  Ultimately, those are the ones that REALLY matter.  It was a long time before the scale moved for me, but the inches and the sizes were changing.  The scale is ONLY your relationship with gravity. Nothing more. How you feel matters!

#3 Stay consistent. With your supplements, drinking water, managing nutrition and exercise.  Change doesn’t come from what you do every once in a while,  but from what you do every day.  

I could have come up with a million reasons why I couldn’t do this.  All I needed was ONE reason why I needed it.  

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