truSTORY: Shaelynn Perry

Shaelynn Perry

Although the weight is why I started it’s not what keeps me going. I feel amazing I have so much energy and motivation. I’m stronger, I’m happy, and I feel unstoppable!

I had been overweight since 6th grade. My hormones were off and I just kept gaining and gaining through middle school.

I finally stuck to 220lbs in high school and stayed there till I got married. I got pregnant soon after and never really being happy with my weight in the first place, I started to pack on the pounds.

I gained 65 pounds with my baby and only lost 10 when I had him. So now on top of what I already needed to lose, I had 65 new pounds to get through first. I started cutting things out gluten, sugar, and carbs but nothing was working. After 3-4 months of that and I honestly had just given up. I told myself my body didn’t lose weight, this is just how I am supposed to be, I’m just a big girl…all the excuses I just piled them on. I was starting to even gain a little more and it was so terrifying.

I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a picture of my current team holding their pants that they no longer fit into. I had no clue what it was but decided to message the lady who posted it. I was added to the most amazing health support group. I swear I didn’t even know that such an amazing energy could come from a support group online. The love and support in our group is overwhelming.

I watched the group for about a week and a half and decided to order. I ordered a 1-week trial and I started the day it showed up. I measured and took my first dose that day. Day 3 came and I couldn’t help myself. I remeasured and already saw progress! Right then I ordered a month supply!

TruVision Health has helped me to lose the baby weight and more! I started yoga (because I finally had the energy and desire to want to do something for myself) and I have lost even more pounds. I’m still working and toning, but I never thought I would even make it this far!

Although the weight is why I started it’s not what keeps me going. I feel amazing I have so much energy and motivation. I’m stronger, I’m happy, and I feel unstoppable!

That’s still not all though I saved the best for last! I now work with the amazing team in the picture that drew me into this amazing company and what a blessing that is. My team is absolutely amazing the love and support they have given me the confidence they have helped me find this year could never be paid back. I couldn’t be more grateful for their constant push to help as many people as possible!

The financial stability that I have accomplished with my team still puts me in shock. There is no way to thank Truvision Health and its Associates enough for the amazing life they have helped me uncover!

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