Daily Nutrition Guidelines

These are 5 rules that you should try to incorporate into your nutrition everyday.


These are whole nutritious Foods. You want to keep things as fresh and as minimally processed as possible (aka foods in their natural state such as a banana over a bottled fruit smoothie drink).


Adequate hydration helps the body perform all necessary functions, limits overconsumption at meals, and limits snacking in between meals. The body can sometimes mistake thirst for hunger. Water is also the best detoxifier. It transports nutrients throughout your body and helps remove waste products from your cells. Aim for half an ounce of fluid per pound of body weight.


Protein, healthy fats, fiber, and color – these are 4 boxes you need to be able to check off in each meal. You should strive to have at least 2+ portions of fiber and color, and ½ – 1 portion of proteins at your main meals (one food can check off multiple boxes, ie. vegetables like carrots check both color and fiber, and eggs can check both protein and healthy fat). a portion size is proportional to a person’s size. As a general rule, the size of your closed fist is one portion.


As smart and as evolved as we are, our bodies are designed for survival. Our bodies are not designed for purposeful restrictions for weight loss they are designed to reserve energy for times of need (such as a famine). We want you to feel fueled and satisfied, because it increases your success rate!


Healthy choices are easier to be made when they are convenient. Keeping healthy food on hand and ready to go makes choosing your healthy plan easier than going to get fast food at the drive thru.

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