The Benefits of Drinking Water and How to Get Enough

We all know that we should be drinking plenty of water every day. But actually getting enough can be a challenge!

Deadlines at work, taking care of our kids, and running errands consume our time and can distract us from drinking enough water each day. As a result, we might feel achy, tired, and thirsty!

Drinking enough water throughout the day is essential for good health. Dehydration can harm proper cell function and affects almost every major organ and system in the body.

In contrast, staying properly hydrated comes with lots of awesome benefits. Here are just a few!


Glowing Skin

Water is a totally affordable and underrated beauty hack. Your skin is roughly 64% water so drinking plenty of H20 to help your skin look healthy and full only makes sense! One study found that individuals who consumed 9.5 cups of water each day actually showed an increase in skin density.

Increased Energy

Feeling drained and fatigued? Dehydration may be to blame. Drinking a glass or two of water can help clear brain fog and leave you feeling more energized. If you’re really feeling drained, try adding a pouch of reFORM to a glass of water for a delicious energy boost.

Weight Loss Aid

Water is a great way to flush out any extra weight and even ward off hunger. Often times when you feel hungry, there’s a good chance you’re just dehydrated and need some water.

Some studies suggest that drinking water can even increase your energy expenditure. Plus, research has shown that drinking water is linked to healthier weight and reduced risk of weight gain. So drink up!

Better Digestion


Feeling, well, stuck? Drinking enough water can help get things moving and help you flush out waste and toxins. Try drinking a glass or two of water with your meals to aid in digestion!


Set reminders

Set out sticky notes or set alarms in your phone or other devices with reminders to drink your H20 during the day.

Use your 10K pledge app or other free apps to track your water intake.

If you’ve signed up for the 10k challenge and downloaded our free app, you can use it to track your water intake! You can also find lots of free apps to help you track how much water you’ve been drinking during the day. Some of them even have alarms and notifications you can set. Click here to learn more about 10k PLEDGE and download the app.

Keep a water bottle with you during the day.

Don’t have a quality, BPA free water bottle? Now’s the chance to treat yourself and get one! Keeping a water bottle with you during the day can help you stay hydrated and on top of your H20 intake.

Try flavoring your water.

Not a huge fan of plain old water? Try adding Heart and Hydration to your water! It has a taste you’ll crave and includes special ingredients to help you stay hydrated no matter how busy you are.

“I’m outdoors all of the time for my business. I drink Heart & Hydration and it satisfies my thirst so much more than water. That drink and ChapStick are my best friends!” -Gina