8 Poor Diet Symptoms To Look Out For

8 Poor Diet Symptoms To Look Out For

8 Poor Diet Symptoms To Look Out For

Does your diet leave your body feeling starved? Even if you find yourself pushing your plate away after only a few bites, you may be leaving yourself without the vital nutrients you need to thrive.

It’s not just people who aren’t “big eaters” who suffer, either. Eating too much of the wrong stuff can also wreak havoc on your entire system. What’s the best way to know when there’s a problem?

Read on to learn about some of the most insidious poor diet symptoms. If any of the following apply to you, you may benefit from Truvy reNU, our bestselling, nutritionally-comprehensive cleansing detox regimen.

1. Constant Fatigue

Your body relies on the food you consume for fuel. Sometimes it’s too much food. Or, you might not be eating enough. If you spend most of your days feeling tired or “down,” the food on your plate might be holding you back.

2. Being Overweight

Balance is an essential characteristic of a healthy lifestyle. Many people carry extra weight without realizing it. If your body is holding on to excess fat, there may be something else going on. Sometimes, the issue turns out to be hormonal.

3. Being Underweight

The same goes for anybody with a BMI of less than 18. If you’re small by nature or have been very thin your entire life, you may not carry enough weight to support vital biological processes. One example of this is women who are too thin to menstruate.

4. Slow Wound Healing

A healthy body can heal efficiently and effectively, actively targeting injuries inside and out. One important poor diet symptom to watch out for is how your body overcomes simple injuries, like minor cuts and bruises. If you bruise for long periods or it takes weeks for a small scratch to scab over, something could possibly be awry.

5. Dry Hair, Lips, and Nail Beds

Can you tell how healthy you are just by looking at your cuticles? We all have good hair days and bad hair days, but if your nails, hair, or lips are constantly dry and cracking, your diet may not include everything it needs to maintain these aspects of your appearance.

6. Halitosis, or Bad Breath

A nutritionally-deficient diet can cause bad breath, even if you brush morning, noon, and night. The problem comes from within—ketosis, your body’s way of feeding itself when no carbs are readily available in your digestive system. Halitosis often arises when your body stays in ketosis for too long, due to not eating enough.

7. Tooth Decay

If poor dieting is allowed to develop unabated, your teeth can slowly rot. Trust us when we say: this is one of the worst fates on this list. To avoid unintentionally rotting your teeth, we recommend a comprehensive diet. Supplements like Truvy reNU can be particularly helpful in these situations.

8. Brain Fog

As far as poor diet symptoms go, this one can be difficult to notice for some. You may feel perky and awake, all the while making minor errors at work or home. Forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, and other related problems may be due to a diet too low in calories, or even a calorically-sufficient diet full of the wrong foods—like candy and processed snacks.

Is Truvy reNU Right for You?

We believe a well-nourished body is one more capable of operating at its peak. A 30-day detox may be just what you need to boost cognitive performance and improve your daily energy levels. 

If any of these poor diet symptoms are an issue, making a few small changes can significantly improve your quality of life. Our advice will always be the same—check in with yourself often. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s time for a change. Truvy reNU could be the wake-up call your body needs. 

Try it yourself and feel the difference quality dietary supplements can make. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have on how a detox cleanse can turn your diet around for the better.