4 Simple Habits for Daily Success

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Daily Success

Overall health is our goal here at Truvy™, we want to provide you with the tools to feel successful in all aspects of your life. We strive to see you accomplish everything you set out to be and have discovered that these 4 habits for Daily Success may be small but they can make a pretty big difference.

4 Simple Habits for Daily Success

Alarm Success

 1.  Start your Day off right

We all know the feeling when our alarm goes off and often times it can initially put us in a bad mood. How you start your day has a huge impact on how the rest of it will go, if it starts on a bad note it could potentially result in us focusing on the negative throughout the day. Negative thinking can send us into downward spiral that can be hard to get out of.

A simple step such as setting your alarm clock even just 10 to 15 minutes earlier leaves you with just enough time to prepare yourself for a successful day.

What can I do with just 10 to 15 extra minutes in the morning:

  • Meditation: Start with a breathing/meditation exercise. Supplying the body with more air can help you feel more awake and more productive. Meditating will get you in the right mindset and can assist you in feeling more focused.
  • Gratitude: Think of 5 -10 things you are thankful for… big or small. Studies have shown that positivity and gratitude are a great way to start your day and will help improve your mood. It will help you keep things in perspective emotionally, socially, and even physically.
  • Reduce Stress: The few extra minutes could make you feel less stressed and less likely to run late. Waking up a few minutes earlier can be a hard habit to commit to but in the end it’s going to benefit your entire day.

Planning Success

2.   Prioritize

Set a reasonable plan for your day, whether you write it down in a planner, sticky note, in your phone, etc. it’s incredibly important to set goals for your day. If you have goals in place understanding where you want to be and how to get there is the best way to become successful.

Don’t get too caught up in things that don’t matter. Know exactly what needs to be done and what is most important for that day. If you can make the time to do this, you will find success in each day.

3.   Take Breaks and Disconnect

For many of us, we have made it a habit to finish a project once we have started it. Sometimes, this option can be effective, especially when we are on a tight schedule. However, this mindset when applied to most projects can often lead us to feel worn down and possibly make mistakes. Successful people learn to put breaks into their schedule and treat them as an equally important part of their day.

If a break is an out of this world concept for your busy bee body, schedule them periodically into your phone or planner. They can even be short and small such as stretching, taking a walk around the block, chat with a friend, grab a coffee or listen to your favorite song. This can help to clear your head and renew your focus when you get back to work.

Successful Exercise

4. Exercise and Eat Well

This concept is constantly drilled into our heads and can often be overlooked. We may think that exercising requires large amounts of time, when in reality even just going for a walk can have a huge impact on your health. Find small amounts of time during the day where you can walk, run, or just ride a bike to get your heart rate up.

Filling your body with healthy nutrients can help your body in more ways than we can list but we’ll try to name a few:

  • Increased mood
  • Weight loss
  • Improved Memory
  • Reduce the risk of disease
  • Increased Energy

Daily exercise and healthy eating can have the strongest impact on our lives, make sure to

Start with one habit a day and practice it the best you can, slowly add on more habits until you have mastered them.

Self-improvement habits are worth the effort, and you’ll find success in your life everyday.