3 Sweet & Healthy Summer Treats

It’s definitely warming up outside and we could all use some refreshing sweet and healthy summer treats to cool off. Luckily, TruVision Health™ has you covered with a few of our drink mixes.


3 Sweet & Healthy Summer Treats


Let’s Chill with a Popsicle!

Yes, you heard us… sweet sweet popsicles are some of our favorite summer refreshments. Why not make one out of your favorite TruVision® Drink mixes? With any of our four HEART & HYDRATION™ flavors such as Watermelon, Grape, Grapefruit, and Original, you can add these to water and just pour it into a popsicle mold. Create any fun shape for a refreshing and healthy summer treat.

Sweet & Healthy Treats

The Best Brain Freeze You’ve Ever Had!

Not just your typical gas station slushie, how about a TruVision Health™ slushie? Add a splash of water, ice, and any HEART & HYDRATION™, truCONTROL™, truFIX®, or reFORM™ in the blender for an unforgettable slushie experience.



When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Lemonade Stand!

Lemonade Stands are a grown-ups game now. We really can’t stress how good and irresistible our drink mixes can be! What better way to get outside this summer than with your kids and set up a lemonade stand? And not just any lemonade, but share some of our delicious drink mixes for everyone to try. You’ll definitely be the talk of the neighborhood.


There can be a lot of tempting snacks out there but the best are always made at home. Whether you decide to share them or keep them for yourself, you won’t regret these cool summer treats.